Thursday, October 12, 2006

An update of sorts, and I have a new hobby- knitting!

I haven't had time to sew much lately and it really, really sucks. I'm just swamped with school work. I have been working, little by little, on a knit top. New Look 6497 I'm making view A. I made view A in the summer out of a black jersey. This time though, I'm attempting to modify the back so that there is no ties in the back, so hopefully it will work out. I also lengthend the bodice by one inch. Somehow this resulted in the bodice being quite a bit wider than the bodice lining. Im not too sure how that happend since I just added to the length and not the width. Oh well I'll just measure how much bigger the bodice is and cut a new one to fit the bodice lining since I checked the alignment with the rest of the pieces and the bodice lining is correct. For this time Im using a plum coloured jersey that is very soft. When I'm finally done I'll post a pic of it along with the black one I made in the summer.

This weekend I plan to get some more sewing done (along with a s-load of homework). I would like to make this kimono-esque top from New Look 4020
view D. Lots of people on Pattern Review (PR) have made this top with good results. I'm not sure which fabric to use. My options are hot pink, rose pink, plum, baby blue.... and I think thats it. And if I have time I would love to start on a pair of Vogue pants. I have super nice black pinstripe wool blend that feels soo comfy that would be great for the pants.

Today, two of the used books I ordered off of Amazon arrived. I'm absolutely thrilled with them! They are Singer: Tailoring and Singer: The Perfect Fit. I highly recommend these books. The other one I'm waiting on is Singer: Sewing with Knits.

On another note: I've picked up another hobby (I know, I know I barely have time to do the ones I have now.. I don't remember the last time I touched a piece of scrapbook paper ). Over Thanksgiving weekend my sister taught me how to knit. She has been knitting for a few years now is really good (she posts a bit on Crafster, but mainly lurks..I think). Anyway, she let me borrow a pair of size 10 needles, some yarn and her Stitch'n Bitch book by Debbie Stoller (great book btw). So now I'm knit two, purl two'ing my way to my first scarf. Since I don't have a lot of spare time I decided to take my knitting to class with me the other day to work on it during break (I have 3 hour lecture/seminars for my 4th year bio sucks) and you'd think I pulled out a porn mag based on the reaction I got! "I can't believe you brought that to class" "What are you doing?!" me: "what does it look like?! Im knitting." etc etc. Mind you these comments were from guys not girls in my class. The girls said "oh thats a good idea, get some knitting done while on break." I really don't know why its such a big deal and I found the different reactions of the guys and girls interesting. Anyone else had a similar experience?

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