Sunday, October 15, 2006

New Look 6497 -complete. Finally!

I really, really like this pattern. This is the second time I have made this shirt, but this time I altered it so that the back is solid. The original has it so that the shirt ties in the back, which is fine for the summer. I made a casing with elastic in the top in the back to prevent the back from sagging. I also lengthened the bodice by an inch because I found the first shirt I made a bit too short there.

I used a plum jersey knit from Fabricland. It cost a $1.50 a meter. The pattern cost $2, and I've used it twice so far, so that means this shirt cost $2.50 to make. I think thats pretty good considering in the store I would probably pay over $20 for it.

I love the empire waist and how the bodice is gathered.

A pic of me wearing it. The straps aren't supposed to be a halter; I just don't have anyone to pin the straps on the back in the right spot for me to sew them. Sorry the picture is skewed. I had to set the camera on a dictionary on the table to take this picture.

Back view showing the modification I did. The back hem isn't crooked, its just caught up on my butt. I don't think this top would flatter all figures, especially pear shaped women as it flares out quite a bit at the butt.

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