Monday, October 23, 2006

New Patterns from Modern Sewing

I ordered some patterns from . It's a custom size pattern website that you enter your measurements in and get a pattern generated according to your measurements. Then within 24 hours you have your patterns available for you to print off on your home printer. You do have to glue all the pages together though. I haven't yet sewn one of these patterns so I can't say how accurate the fit is or how much of a pain it is to glue the pages together.

Here is what I got:

A super chic jean jacket:

A raglan sleeved blouse:

Another blouse:

Skirt with a flounce:

And another skirt:

So what do you think? Like them? Which should I sew up first? I'm thinking the last skirt?


Sanja said...

Hi! I found your blog on crafter, I am a new member there. I love the sewing you do. I recently graduated with a 4 year science/bio degree, and wish I had taken fashion. Although I haven't had time to practice my sewing, I will catch up on in soon, as well as knitting. I just love the end results.

PS> I really like the last skirt, the "other blouse",and the jean jacket. Can't wait to see them finished

the scrappy sewist said...

Hi Sanja,

Thanks for your compliment! The jean jacket pattern is my favourite. And I can't wait until I have time to actually make it.

Emily said...

That is a really great concept for a site. I do tend to make things up as I go along, but I might have to try this out =D Kepp us posted as to how it works...
I think the second to last skirt should be first. It's lovely.