Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An informal introduction

I'm not entirely sure why I have started this blog; I suppose it has to do with me taking up two new hobbies - scrapbooking and sewing, which I absolutely love! On this site I hope to share my experiences of learning to sew and would love to hear from people who are also learning to sew.

First a bit of my sewing background: in my house we have always had Singers. I remember, as a little girl, watching my mother trying to teach herself to sew with a computerized Singer (2210 - the Athena) on the kitchen table. Her efforts did not come to frutition and she dropped the hobby. I think she would have kept up with sewing if she would have used to more simple mechanical Singer (a 70's model) in the cabinet that was stored in my closet. What made her think that she could use a computerized sewing machine when she couldn't figure out how to work the VCR is beyond me. I also remember playing with a Singer treadle from I think the 20's when mom and I would visit an old lady, Marie, in our town. This Singer treadle would become mine this past summer at the estate sale after Marie's passing. I also acquired a Singer featherwieght and a Singer 301. Both the treadle and the 301 are still working and the 301 has all of her accessories. The 301 is in the shop right now for a cleaning and check up. I can't wait to use her this weekend. Back to my sewing history: since my mom had quit sewing by the time I came of age to learn to sew my sewing affair didn't begin until grade 11 in highschool when I took a fashion design and sewing course. I absolutely loved it! However this steamy affair was sadly cooled by a sewing machine needing repair. After the class was over I was going to keep on sewing over the summer, but the Singer 225 (the mechanical from the 70's) needed a belt repair. I was 'scared' of the Athena and didnt use her because I didn't want to break mom's "expensive computerized" sewing machine. So sewing was put on the back burner until my third year of university (although I thought often of getting back into sewing) when I worked up the courage to wrangle the Athena.. without a manual. And we had no problems together, in fact we meshed quit well and I felt silly for being afraid of her for so long. (I blame it on my mother and her exclamations of 'expensive computerized sewing machine" when really by the time I got sewing the "expensive computerized sewing machine" had long since ceased to be a top of the line machine) I recently acquired a Brother CS6000, which I quite like. I got it because Athena wasn't fond of knits no matter which needle I tried; her button holes left something to be desired as well. But now I'm missing her and am going home this weekend to my parents to get her, just to make sure I know where she is so my little girl (when I get one) will learn to sew on her... if she lasts that long. If she kicks it before I get a little girl, I'll keep Athena anyway as a sewing room ornament. I also have a Kenmore serger that my loving bf bought me for Christmas this year. I've been sewing fairly consistently for the last year and really want to improve upon my skills and learn fitting and pattern drafting. So thats my sewing history... whew! who knew it would so long!

If you're still with me I'd love to hear about your sewing experiences, especially about what got you involved.

Also I'll update soon with my stories (aka struggles) of my current and planned sewing projects. Once in awhile I'll post new scrapbook pages that I've done.

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